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If you’re on the search for a alternative to SiteGround then you’ve come to the right place!

Speedydot is a Managed Cloud & WordPress Hosting provider who offers a similar hands-on service, round the clock support and reliability just like Siteground but without the “crazy” renewal fees you suffer after the first term with them.

Over the last month, Speedydot has gained over 250+ sign up’s from users who power websites for there Blogs, E-commerce sites (WordPress) and Businesses.

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Free migrations

One of the most challenging things about moving to a new hosting company is moving your website files and emails and ensure they work even better then they did so previously. We wish to take the pain away and make it easy for you to move to Speedydot. All of our plans include a swift free migration provided by our friendly in-house migration specialists team who are on standby around the clock awaiting to help you.

Stage 1.

Signing up – Sign up on one of our great value and secure hosting plans from our website:  Web Hosting Plans

Once you receive an activation email, you’ll now have all the details you need to access your new account (Please note to keep the details handy for future purposes and store is securely).

Don’t worry, we won’t start migrating your files until you’ve provided us with a confirmation of a scheduled time/date so nothing will go offline just yet.

Stage 2.

Getting ready to transfer your website over to Speedydot – Once your account has been activated, you’re now ready to go ahead and start moving the website across to Speedydot. Please log into the client area you have with us and submit a migration ticket with your preferred time and date you wish to move things over. A support representative will schedule this in for you with a in-house migration specialist who’ll require a few questions answered before progressing the move.

The in-house migration specialists will analyse your current website and check all information has been provided prior to the move to ensure things go smoothly. Once the migration has started to take place, this can take anywhere up to 1 to 48 hours depending on the size of the website and where it’s being transferred in from – at all times, if you require any questions answered we will gladly assist you.

Stage 3.

Test everything – Once the migration has been completed, the engineer will now test the website and process a file scan to ensure no security breaches or malware have been found. If any malware is found, we will update you prior to deleting the listed items that endanger you, your website and your users.

You will be told to go ahead and update the nameservers to point to, we’ll also check that your email accounts are setup okay and emails have started working smoothly just as they did prior to the move. Please note, DNS propagation can take upto 24-48 hours so you may face your website offline during the process.

Stage 4. 

Cancel your account at the previous Hosting company – Once you have confirmed everything is in order and in working stage, you now have the freedom to say goodbye to your old web hosting company with confidence. The process has now been completed and you’ve joined a new family who are excited to have you on-board with both wide arms open to help you on a new journey with us – Get ready to experience faster, secure, reliable and a transparent hosting solution provided by Speedydot.

We strive to make this experience easy and stress free, if you have any questions please feel free to ask us today by contacting us at anytime or raising a ticket.


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Expert Support

All of our in-house support representatives are trained and built to provide one thing, a quality service – that being said, we don’t have level 1 or 2 support reps. Our team consists of WordPress developers, Linux System administrators and in-house programmers who work day in and day out with Web Hosting, WordPress, Dedicated Servers and thousands of websites at any given time. Speedydot monitor your websites uptime every 5 minutes which turns out they’ll know your websites down, start working on it before you’ve even realised – Cool right?

Well that’s the Speedydot advantage. At Speedydot, we don’t ever plan to take your website offline – For you, your website is your income, a primary source and that’s why when we notice an issue, we will contact you first before doing any changes.

“Join others by making a move to Speedydot – Risk free for 30 days!”

We stand firm behind providing an exceptional-friendly service and all in return what we require is for you to be happy. We are proud to offer a complete 30-day money back guarantee and no long term contracts which tie you in – Try us and experience the difference for the better.

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