How to install WordPress

In the guide, you’ll learn how to install WordPress with Speedydot.

To get started, log in to your Client Area Dashboard. Select “Services” in the left navigation and click the domain name you’d like to get WordPress setup with.

The next desired step would be select the option on the right under actions “Login to cPanel”. Once you have logged into cPanel in the find functions search tool, please search Softaculous Apps Installer.

Once you have Softaculous listed, please click on the installer to proceed to install WordPress.

Speedydot WordPress


Once softaculous has loaded, please proceed to search our CMS WordPress. The next step as you can see in our picture above would be to click on “Install Now“.

Fill in the WordPress installation details. The following is the necessary information you need to fill in to get started:


In Directory: Leave this blank to install on the domain directly. If you are installing in a subfolder of your site you type the folder name here. This will make the blog load like the following:

Once you have completed all the required fields, please click on install.. The process will take 60 seconds or less and you’ll now have successfully have had WordPress installed on your domain or directory!


Note! If you do not see your website load after installing your WordPress site, you may need to point the nameservers, wait for propagation, or another DNS or Domain related issue.

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